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There was nothing particularly special or interesting about the hold (besides the fact that it was two-hundred and fifty years old), but after many weeks of deliberating I decided to go for it. It was a warm spring evening, and the moon was beginning to beget out. I made my way near the side of the house and only the way to the tree beneath the window which would lead me in. Like a snake, a slithered my way up the tree. To my delight I found the window wide open. I put one foot in and then the next, until I was alone inside the bedroom. I took out my flashlight and fumbled through the room in fact, I was looking for the light switch. I turned the light on and looked around the room. It looked like The Bombay Company had come and decorated the place. To the left of the door right next to the closet was a glass rack full of every aroma imaginable, and beneath that was a circular table full of exported lotions. No wonder the room smelled so good it was a shrine to Bath and Body plant life. I first went to the closet. Behind the massive waves of clothing I found countless boxes of shoes, but it wasnt what I was looking for.I proceeded to search all the drawers, but all I found was hoards of makeup, nail polish, and one whole drawer dedicated to shampoos. I thought to myself Whats wrong with this girl? Why does she return so much of everything? What is she saving away all this stuff for, in case the malls of America burn knock off? I started jumping up and down on her bed in an attempt to see what was on top of the bookshelf, but there was still no sight of what I was looking for. I plopped down on her bed it was very soft. I lay my head down on her pillow and inhaled the sweet scent of she. It was a mix of Pear-berry, Pantene professional V, with a hint of Angel. So this is where she sleeps every night I exclaimed.I heard a noise outside and fell of the bed. I was relieved to find that it was only a passing car undoubtedly, I needed to work quick. I rol led over and to my disbelief there it was surrounded by her mattress and the headboard was the one thing I have always wanted.

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Gender Roles Essay -- Female Male Compare Socialization Essays

Gender RolesWhile I was growing up, gender roles were highly defined by my parents and teachers as well as all other social influences. Boys were taught to do boy things and girls were taught to do girly things. The toys that children happen with and the activities that are encouraged by adults demonstrate the influence of gender roles on todays youth. In my formative years, the masculine traits that I larn came out because of the activities that my parents had me engage in and the things that they expected from me. The expectations that my parents held for my sister, on the other hand, varied from those that they had for me, and this was made apparent through the different activities that occupied her time. My parents treated us in completely different regard. We had different toys, different friends, and we were supposed to like different things. When I got hurt my parents would say things like shake it off, or that didnt hurt that much, but when my sister would cry, they would give her attention and pull her aside to take care of her. I got into a lot more trouble throughout my life than my sister and this was, in part, overlooked as the boys mischievous nature. I played with GI Joes and He-Man action figures, while my sister played with Barbie Dolls. I remember when she and I would play together and the GI Joes would be married to the Barbie Dolls. When I made the action figures fight over the Barbie Dolls, my sister would always get ...

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Genesis 1-11 Cosmological Stories Etiology- deep hu homosexual question that a story answersGenesis 1 How many days did it take for beau ideal to make the earth?Seven     1. Lighta. Nightb. Day2. Sky3. Dry globeLet water divide Vegetation4. Stars          Genesis 2How were man/woman created?Man from dust, Woman from ribWhy do people want to marry? They are to leave their parents to go with their spouseWhat is our purpose?To watch over the Garden and the worldAdam- from Adamah- thing from dirtRuach- Gods breath, wind, spirit- makes Adam a living beingEve- mother of all living things 1st womanEden- delight, place for Adam and EveAnthropomorphic- having human-like qualitiesImmanent- God very presentTranscendant- step upside, beyond, detached from creationOmniscience- every KnowingAutonomous- free to chooseSin-1) disobedience2) pointing the finger3) blaming someone else4) dont accept indebtedness Genesis 4"h Sons of A dam and Eve"h Cain- farmer rep of rural culture"h Abel- Shepherd rep of nomadic culture"h Themes"h Jealousy and murder"h Origins of violence"h Forsaking responsibility"h Mercy and capital punishment"h Gifts to God"h Cain- fat portions"h Abel- fruit of the earth"h God favors Abel"h Cain kills Abel out in the field"h God tries to get a confession by asking and not accusing"h Cain is the first murderer"h Capital punishment"h Penalty"h Gets a mark for"h Protection"h Punishment"h Guilt"h Banished to land of Nod"h Land of wandering"h Form of guilt"h Settled existenceGenesis 5"h Geneology- family line "h Begins with Adam -> NoahGenesis 69 V 917 Terms"h Gilgamesh"h Babylonian myth of flood"h Gilgamesh becomes a god"h very(prenominal) as Moses"h God of Babylonians cant sleep because of racket so he floods the earth"h 40"h May be a symbol for a long time" h Constantly used in the bible"h Berith"h Covenant, promise"h God makes Beriths"h Put your life in Beriths"h Hebrew tradition"h Terrah"h Saving vessel"h "h Dove"h Peace"h New Command"h All can be viands for people"h Dont eat animals for food "h Except they can have life blood"h You may not kill people"h Capital Punishment"h God will ProvideGenesis 12-50 Patriarchal Stories"h Rooted in specific time/ place"h Main characters"h Are social unlikelies from the uniform family with which whom God makes a Berith"h All experience a theophany"h Manifestation of God"h Berith involves Land and Blessing extended to the future"h Foundation for J, C, I"h Judaism"h Christian"h Islam, Muslim"h Rich in drama and suspense"h Cliffhangers"h names reveal character of person, place"h Isaac means laughter"h Abraham means father"h Nomadic"h Everyone is on the move"h Ger"h Wanderer, sojourner, pilgrim"h First father"h

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Salman Rushdies Midnights Children Essay -- Salman Rushdie Midnight

Salman Rushdies Midnights Children Salman Rushdies creation, Saleem Sinai, has a self-proclaimed overpowering desire for form (363). In writing his own autobiography Saleem seems to be later what rough Kermode says every writer is a after harmoniousness. Concordance would allow Saleem to bring meaning to moments in the middest by elucidating (or creating) their coherence with moments in the previous(prenominal) and future. enchantment Kermode duologue about providing this order primarily through an imaginatively predicted future (8), Saleem approaches the project by ordering everything in his past into neat, causal relationships, with each suit a result of what preceded it. While he is frequently skeptical of the true order of the past, he never doubts its eminence he is certain that everyone is handcuffed to history (482). His printing in the preeminence of the past, though, is distinctly different than the reality of time for the Saleem who emerges through that part of t he novel that Gerard Genette calls the event that consists of someone recounting something (26) (Saleem-now, we can call this figure). Saleem-now is incite to performance not by the past, but instead by the uncertainty and ambiguity of the future. Saleems construction of his own story is an effort to mitigate the lack of understand he feels in looking toward the unknown future. To pacify himself he creates a world that is ordered but this world is contrary to his own reality. Saleem spends much of his push in the story setting up neat causal relationships between events in his past to demonstrate his place at the center of things (272). He conservatively mentions his cave in into the middle of a parade for the partition of Bombay and then proceeds to propose that in this w... ...e idea of apocalypse. His emphasis on the future rather than the past seems, in part, an implicit statement about the ease with which order is found in the pasthistorians have a much easier time than futurists, and Kermode would rather film with the delegate of the tougher profession. Martin Heidiggers explanation for the way the individual in the midst of time gains meaning similarly emphasizes the future running ahead is the fundamental way in which the edition of Dasein is carried through (13). In his creation of Saleem-now Rushdie seems to agree with the vitality of the future in defining the individual, and by juxtaposing this reality with the temporality that Saleem hopes for, Rushdie exposes the temporal myth that a too-strong-desire for concordance can engender. Work CitedRushdie, Salman. Midnights Children. Great Britain Arrow Books, 1995. Salman Rushdies Midnights Children Essay -- Salman Rushdie MidnightSalman Rushdies Midnights Children Salman Rushdies creation, Saleem Sinai, has a self-proclaimed overpowering desire for form (363). In writing his own autobiography Saleem seems to be after what Frank Kermode says every writer is a after concord ance. Concordance would allow Saleem to bring meaning to moments in the middest by elucidating (or creating) their coherence with moments in the past and future. While Kermode talks about providing this order primarily through an imaginatively predicted future (8), Saleem approaches the project by ordering everything in his past into neat, causal relationships, with each event a result of what preceded it. While he is frequently skeptical of the true order of the past, he never doubts its eminence he is certain that everyone is handcuffed to history (482). His belief in the preeminence of the past, though, is distinctly different than the reality of time for the Saleem who emerges through that part of the novel that Gerard Genette calls the event that consists of someone recounting something (26) (Saleem-now, we can call this figure). Saleem-now is motivated to act not by the past, but instead by the uncertainty and ambiguity of the future. Saleems construction of his own story is a n effort to mitigate the lack of control he feels in looking toward the unknown future. To pacify himself he creates a world that is ordered but this world is contrary to his own reality. Saleem spends much of his energy in the story setting up neat causal relationships between events in his past to demonstrate his place at the center of things (272). He carefully mentions his tumble into the middle of a parade for the partition of Bombay and then proceeds to propose that in this w... ...e idea of apocalypse. His emphasis on the future rather than the past seems, in part, an implicit statement about the ease with which order is found in the pasthistorians have a much easier time than futurists, and Kermode would rather deal with the task of the tougher profession. Martin Heidiggers explanation for the way the individual in the midst of time gains meaning similarly emphasizes the future running ahead is the fundamental way in which the interpretation of Dasein is carried through (13 ). In his creation of Saleem-now Rushdie seems to agree with the vitality of the future in defining the individual, and by juxtaposing this reality with the temporality that Saleem hopes for, Rushdie exposes the temporal myth that a too-strong-desire for concordance can engender. Work CitedRushdie, Salman. Midnights Children. Great Britain Arrow Books, 1995.

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Poetry AssessmentNothings Changed is a powerful piece of poetic literature whichportrays in a provoking way, the poverty and apartheid inPost-Nelson Mandela South Africa and how Nothings Changed since hehas been elected as president.It starts in a harsh abrupt way small round hard stones quicklybrings forrad a strong image of a dirty pathway littered with stones,the next few lines cans trodden on, crunch and tall,purple-flowering, amiable weeds add to this picture and describes ingreater particular the untidy, poorly maintained wasteland. Thepurple-flowering weeds border the rocky causeway and give starkcontrast to the ugliness of the area as it has been described insofar.The char modus operandier in the verse goes into a Whites Only area, where hefeels very unwelcome. At first, he seems contented to walk through afamiliar area and revisit the place where he had lived. However, this witticism changes abruptly when he comes across a Whites Only inn whichmakes him feel very angry a nd even violent.The rhythm of this poem is very slow and thoughtful and the stanzasact like paragraphs. This works well because it creates a sense of himcrushing his growing anger and hostility as he remembers hischildhood. There are however some(a) striking short lines for effect,these represent a growing struggle inside him to keep his fury undercontrol. Examples of this are Anger of my eyes brash with glassits in the bone hands burn The poet uses these short linesbecause they are dramatic, elemental but powerful and memorable.There are many examples of poetic devices in Nothings Changed,especially in the third stanza my first choice is line 18, where thepoet describes the name as flaring like a flag. This simile iseffective because flaring suggests a fire and it is a provocativeimage. The restaurant squats in the grass and weeds. I think thepoet compares the restaurant to something lurking and fateful becausethis place represents everything that they are fighting against. Incon clusion, I think that the poem does not really work well, it failsto truly break the surface of thought and although it tries to roamacross the poets thoughts and feelings on racism it fails quitemiserably because of the simple fact that the writing is bound byliterary laws of poetry.In the greyness and drizzle of one brokenhearted dawn, unstirred byharbingers of sun break.Vultures (by Chinua Achebe) opens in a grandiose and portentousfashion that immediately fills the readers mind with a sense of amacabre and dejected morning, the grey skies do not encourage a senseof happiness or contentment nor does it give any indication that this

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Lab Report: Specific Heat :: essays research papers

Introduction The porpoise of these is to determine the Specific Heat. Also known as Heat Capacity, the special(prenominal) agitate is the amount of the Heat Per Unit mass required to raise the temperature by one degree Celsius. The relationship between heat and temperature transposed is usually expected in the form shown. The relationship does not apply if a phase change is encountered because the heat added or removed during a phase change does not change the temperature. Q = cnTThe molar specific heats of most solids at room temperature and above are nearly constant, in agreement with the Law of Dulong and Petit. At lower temperatures the specific heats drop as quantum processes become significant. The Einstein-Debye model of specific heat describes the low temperature behavior. The metal samples areCopper (CU)Aluminum (Al)Zinc (ZN)Tin (Sn)Lead (Pb) eliminate/iron (Fe)Brass (an alloy of Zn and Cu)PROCEDURE1. In a Styrofoam cup, reco rd the temperature of the 200 ml of cold water. This is 200 g of water, as the tightness of water is 1 g/ml.2. Obtain a sample of metal that has been immersed in boiling water and place it in the cup of water.3. Wait until the temperature no longer rises (thermal equilibrium), and record the temperature increase.4. Discard the water and measure the mass of the metal.5. Repeat the above for each metal. CALCULATIONS1.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/a)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(128g)(20c)=1.5625cal/goc2.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(20.1g)(2oc)=400cal/40.2 goc=9.95cal/ goc3.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(53.9g)(20c)=37.38cal/ goc4.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(65.3g)(20c)=3.06 cal/ goc5.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(70.5)(20c)=400cal/141goc=2.83 cal/ goc6.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/mT=400cal/(70.1g)( 20c)= 2.83 cal/ goc7.H=mcT=(200g/1)(1cal/goc)(2oc/1)=400calC=H/ mT=400cal/(50g)(20c)=4 cal/gocRESULTS subject of MetalExperimental of Metal Actual of MetalCU 400cal1.5625cal/gocAl400cal9.95cal/ gocZN 400cal37.38cal/ gocSn400cal3.06 cal/ gocPb400cal2.83 cal/ gocFe400cal2.83 cal/ gocBrass 400cal4 cal/goc

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Pain Management Essay

Joshi, G., & Kehlet, H. (2013). Procedure-specific botheration attention The Road to Improve Postsurgical Pain Management?. Anesthesiology, 118(4), 780-782. .This article explained that good pain prudence is known to produce many a(prenominal) benefits for the postoperative long-suffering. However, the article goes on to explain that treating postoperative pain is still a major issue with inadequate postoperative patient pain relief remaining high. The article discussed how the Joint Commission declared pain the fifth bouncy sign. And that the Joint Commission has determined non all pain could be eliminated, still that goal-related therapy may be suitable. The article reason out by explaining that in that location was a need for evidence-based procedure specific pain management guidelines. I found this to be an interesting concept that the article presented. In summary the authors believed we could fall apart manage pain based on knowing the type and amount of pain usually caused based on the type of surgery.Zuccaro, S., Vellucci, R., Sarzi-Puttini, P., Cherubino, P., Labianca, R., & Fornasari, D. (2012). Barriers to Pain Management. Clinical do drugs Investigation, 32(S1), 11-19.This article started by showing that although there are many techniques to alleviate pain there are even more barriers to effective pain management. With these many barriers leading to a large number of patients not receiving the best pain control. The abstract went on to give examples of the different types of barriers for patients, physicians, and health care institutions. The author believed that identifying and acknowledging these barriers was the graduation to overcoming them. The abstract concluded that health care providers need to be more aware of their patients as well as their own cognitive, emotional, and behavioral barriers in order to achieve optimal pain management.Sinatra, R. (2010). Causes and Consequences of Inadequate Management of Acute Pain. Pain Medici ne, 11(12), 1859-1871.This article started off by showing that acute pain affects millions of patients every year. This author also agreed that even with the increasedfocus on pain management patients pain control continues to be subpar. The purpose of the authors require was also to determine barriers to effective pain management as well as consequences to ineffective pain control. This was achieved by completing a review of recent literature regarding the subject of pain management. The study determined that physicians and patients attitudes and educational barriers as well as limited available therapies lead to inadequate pain management. The authors concluded that studies on the use of multiple analgesics with different mechanisms of action could improve the efficiency as well as adverse effects over the single component approach.Schatman, M. E. (2011). The Role of the Health Insurance Industry in Perpetuating Suboptimal Pain Management. Pain Medicine, 12(3), 415-426.This art icle started by sharing that pain practitioners function according to medical moral philosophy while health care insurers operate under business ethics of cost and profit. The authors believe that the health insurance industry continues to fail at armed service those suffering from chronic pain and instead the industry stays focused on serving itself. The essay focused on the different self-serve strategies used by the health insurance industry including efforts to falsify chronic pain and its treatments. In conclusion the author felt that the future outlook for those with chronic pain was not good until a not-for-profit single payer system replaced the current self-serving health care insurance industry.Loder, E., Witkower, A., McAlary, P., Huhta, M., & Matarrazzo, J. (2003). Rehabilitation hospital round knowledge and attitudes regarding pain. American ledger Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation / experience Of AcademicIn summary this article was based on a study that focus ed on inpatient care staff and their knowledge related to pain. A survey was conducted with hospital staff regarding attitudes and experience related to pain care responsibilities. This study showed the staff rated ain lack of education regarding pain management as the main barrier to effective pain management. It also showed that the majority of staff surveyed felt awkward with many aspects of pain management including the use of opioids in the treatment plan. The study went on to discuss how the findings could be used to improve pain management in the hospital setting going forward including staff education.Niruban, A., Biswas, S., Willicombe, S., & Myint, P. (2010). An audit on assessment and management of pain at the time of acute hospital rise to power in older tidy sum. International Journal Of Clinical Practice, 64(10), 1453-1457.This study focused on pain being more prevalent in older people and how well that pain is assessed and managed in the emergency environment. The study was performed at a hospital in West Norfolk, UK on 140 patients with acute pain hospital admissions. The pain management of these patients were evaluated for 24 hours after admission. The study findings concluded that pain management was not optimal for these patients. The study also showed that management of pain would wipe out been better with scheduled monitoring, education, and better assessment.Personal reviewThis review of literature has positively impacted my understanding of pain management in many ways. These articles loose my eyes to how important of a role pain control crooks in the overall success of the patient. The studies showed how pain management directly effects overall patient outcome. If pain control is handled optimally then positive patient outcome goes up and vice versa. Before this review I knew pain management was important, but I didnt realize how important with it directly being related to overall patient outcome.This literature also helped me to recognize that health insurance practices play a major role in patient care. The health insurance industry sets many guidelines that determine how and when care is given to our patients. One of the articles focused on how the insurance industry is guided by business ethics with profit being the most important focus. While care providers are guided by medical ethics with positive patient care being the priority.Finally, this review opened my eyes to the many barriers in the way of proper pain management for patients. I now realize that there are patient, provider, and institute barriers effecting optimal pain management as well as many others. And that these barriers include educational, personal attitudes, beliefs, and more. This review helped me realize that identifying and acknowledging these barriers is the first step in overcoming these barriers in order to provide the best pain control and best total care to my patients.ReferencesJoshi, G., & Kehlet, H. (2013). Procedure-specif ic Pain Management The Road to Improve Postsurgical Pain Management?. Anesthesiology, 118(4), 780-782.Loder, E., Witkower, A., McAlary, P., Huhta, M., & Matarrazzo, J. (2003). Rehabilitation hospital staff knowledge and attitudes regarding pain. American Journal Of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation / Association Of Academic Niruban, A., Biswas, S., Willicombe, S., & Myint, P. (2010). An audit on assessment and management of pain at the time of acute hospital admission in older people. International Journal Of Clinical Practice, 64(10), 1453-1457.Schatman, M. E. (2011). The Role of the Health Insurance Industry in Perpetuating Suboptimal Pain Management. Pain Medicine, 12(3), 415-426. Sinatra, R. (2010). Causes and Consequences of Inadequate Management of Acute Pain. Pain Medicine, 11(12), 1859-1871. Zuccaro, S., Vellucci, R., Sarzi-Puttini, P., Cherubino, P., Labianca, R., & Fornasari, D. (2012). Barriers to Pain Management. Clinical do drugs Investigation, 32(S1), 11-19.

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Fighting for Hunger

In this topic, we will see how Filipinos fighting for their hunger. We can see that there ar so more people who starve to death, and the government didnt do allthing about(predicate) this problem. I hate how the government didnt do anything to solve this problem. There are many Filipinos who begging for food for them to live.My opinion here is we should help the early(a)s, if we help the others we can save a life. Starvation is not a joke we were talking about million lives here. The government should take an action to this issue. There are so many cases that people die because of the hunger or starvation, they die because they cant do anything to retard their hunger, they just wait for someone to give them a food.So my opinion here is lets stop this problem now lets push the government to do something in this problem. If they cant do anything then lets encourage other people to help the people whos in need. If the government cant help them, I guess its time to help the other p eople for them to waste a longer life.The main problem here is the government didnt do anything to solve this problem. Many Filipinos died because of hunger or you can cry out it starvation. The rate of starvation in our country is increasing every year and every year the number of deaths in our country is increasing as well, it is on the whole because of the starvation.I guess we are all aware that our country is rich in street people or you can call it as a homeless people, they are the one who experienced this problem, they cant do anything because they dont have any job or any money to buy their foods. We can help the by freehand them a food or at least a small amount of money. In this way, we can help the others in a candid way. The problem here is why the government didnt do anything to solve this problem, they didnt do anything to save the others life.The fact that the government didnt do anything, we should help the one whos in need. If we have extra food or extra money we should give it to the people who cant afford to buy foods. We can always start a feeding computer programme for the hungry people. I think there are many feeding program in our country.In this way we can help others, we can save the others by giving them a food or a money.There are many ways to help the people whos in need. If the government cant take any action to this then I guess its time for us to make a move. We can help by starting a feeding program, giving a small amount of food and money to the people whos in need. We can help others in a small way if we want to I think its time to help and care for the other people. Always remember that sharing is caring.

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Course work 3: communication plan Essay

Introduction It is extremely important to understand that companies around the world communicate with the world outside their realm in some capacity and these companies also have to communicate with forces and tidy sum within the companies as well. Fundamentally, what we are trying to say hither is that just like people companies also want to talk to other companies and the public at large and the firms want to know what their general perception is in the minds of the people especially those who are considered their costumer base.A beginning point has to be related to what the association wants to achieve out of the communication plan or the talk between the federation and outside stakeholders and other components of the society. This will depend on the mickle and mission statement of the society. For example the case in point is the retail brass section that is astir(predicate) to launch a new range of clothing line designed by a extremely poser now the mission statement mustiness be such that it highlights what the company stands for and in very precise words readers should clearly know what are the believes of the company.An example of a mission statement for the retail store is We deliver high quality reapings for our customers the product lines are trendy and hip this idealogy gives us the freedom to experiment with futuristic designs and ideas. We assure our customers style with sense. (MissionStatements. com, n. d. ) The vision of a company like the retail firm is like a dream or a stretched mission which might be achieved or which the company envisages for the future so that it could become a great company.The vision leads to the mission statement and then we have the objectives and goals of the company which are followed by the development of strategy. The exclusively plan of how the company will communicate with the outside world begins with the vision and mission statement. Communication in the Business World Communication is a fla ir of transmitting messages from the sender to the receiver. In a typical business setting senders mathematical function a particular medium to send the message which is ultimately authorized by the receiver. There is a possibility that the message might go through noise and other disturbances before getting to the final destination.In accepted cases the communication process is impacted by noise because of the medium chosen by the sender. For internal business purposes i. e. within the organziation the people of the firm might use media such as oral or written but the selection depends on a number of important factors such as the length of the message, wideness and legal signficance of the message and other factor such as the trust level between two employees who are communicating. All these and other factors play a critical role in determining which kind of media will be used. (Gelder, 2005)Just like the process that has been described for internal communication within the fo rmation we see that firms talk to outside stakeholders and members of society as well. The communication with the outside public is many ways a reflection of how the firms module communicate within their own company. This is because the culture of any organization greatly impacts its mind set towards how it will communicate with the outside world. The critical thing here is that firms believe in their way of doing things and therefore the communication plans are more or less known to be based on existing set and culture of the company.Therefore if the issues related to communication plans have to be discussed one must look at the way the culture of the organization is organized and how does the company communicate internally. Retail Organizations and Branding Retail firms are directly involved with costumers unlike manufacturing companies therefore retailers can have a greater impact on how to measure the performance of their advertisement and other promotional material that are d irected at consumers.Branding is a crucial aspect when we talk nearly a high-end product line designed by a top model. One of the most common practices in the retail industry is that when superstars or super models launch product lines designed by them they tend to give their own name to these product lines. The advantages to such an approach include instant recognition for the marker, people relate to the brand just like they relate to the artist or model, consumer base relates all the qualities and traits of the super model to the product lines.For instance if the super model that designed the clothing line is someone like Gisele Bundchen then people will attach traits such as funky, sexy, classy and trendy with the product line. (Keller, Lewi, 2008) such a strategy has been successful for many brands such as JLO (Jennifer Lopezs product line) and therefore we suggest such a strategy for the retail organization as well since we feel that it is important to distinguish this topl ine brand from the other offerings of the company.Some of the problems that might be faced when using such an approach is that the brand might loose that sense of innovation and style. Even though it is designed by a top model but that does not necessarily convey that it would be of the highest quality therefore it is extremely important to maintain the quality of the product because ultimately that would be the deciding factor in repeat purchases or that urge in customers to come back next season and see the new collection. This product line must be branded based on some distinguishing feature.This is important as it will allow people to know what to expect from the product and what they will get from the product. All great brands have a tendency of focusing on one important factor for example when Google became successful it was only a search engine with no other boastful services similarly Rolex is known for great watches which are for occassions and great moments in ones life because they are special watches (quality, life, style etc) Essentially the point is that the new product line must be distinguished on the lines of being cool, hip and trendy and absolutely new from all previous brands.The product line should be advertised in such a way that it seems as if it is the new cool thing in the clothing and lifestyle industry. Just look at how Levis was made a cultural icon for teenagers in a similar sense this brand should be advertised in a such a way toward rich and ambitious youngsters that it becomes a part of there daily lifestyle. Before any major advertisment campaign could begin it must be ensured that the target market is identified and the company decides whether the upper class or the middle class or even both will be targeted by this product line.Will there be differntiated product lines for both segments? We suggest that should not take place because it will confuse the brand concept the variegation can be done later when the brand name is e stablished with one target market. Once the target market has been decided upon the firm unavoidably to plan the promotional strategy accordingly the pricing strategy should also complement the promotional stand and the distrubution strategy should complete the project in such a way that the target audience receive maximum expousre to the product line.

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Hamlet: Act I Sc III Essay

In the Act I Sc III of small town, the readers get three sets of conversational exchanges that illumine Shakesp stiletto heeles assured grasp over the legion(predicate) threads of his complicated plot. It is often argued by Feminist critics like Lee Edwards that We can imagine hamlets story without Ophelia, but Ophelia literally has no story without Hamlet. Except the Little digressive episode of the few precepts (202) of Polonius to his son, the scene throws light on the characterization and representation of Ophelia as purity and sinlessness personified, establishing femininity in a patriarchal discourse as passivity, subservience and lack.Laertes feels sincere anxiety for Ophelia because of Hamlet and the trifling of his favour (197). He warns Ophelia against the youthful Hamlet in brilliant rhetoric, who might love her for the time being, but His greatness weighd, his will is, non his own(199). The most intriguing aspect of his advices is the ostensible anxiety for the loss of his sisters chaste treasure (199) or virginity. Then weigh what loss your honour may sustain If with too credent ear you list his songs, Or lose your heart, or your chaste treasure rotateTo his unmasterd importunity. (199) This leads to stage productions of Hamlet since the 1950s where directors have hinted at an incestuous subsume between Ophelia and Laertes. Trevor Nunns production with Helen Mirren in 1970, for example, made Ophelia and Laertes flirtatious doubles. Also in the delightful text of Laurence Olivier, Confessions of an Actor (1982), he noted that in opposite productions of the same period, Marianne Faithful was a haggard Ophelia equally attracted to Hamlet and Laertes.In the classic study by Elaine Showalter, Representing Ophelia Women, Madness and the Responsibilities of Feminist Criticism, she notes that in iodine of the few performances directed by a woman, Yvonne Nicholson sat on Laertes lap in the advice scene and played the part with rough sexual bravado . The maternal(p) advices given by Polonius to Laertes were a tradition of the period. Those conventional advices establish Polonius as a man of practical prudence, experience and underline his role as the father.However, his advices for Ophelia open up deeper possibilities of thematic expansion. All his advices carry specific messages about femininity and sexuality. In a psychoanalytic seminar on Hamlet, held in Paris in 1959, Jacques Lacan argued As sort of a come-on, I announced that I would speak today about that piece of bait named Ophelia In his paper, he established Ophelia as the tendency of Hamlets masculine desire in his words, she is linked forever, for centuries, to the figure of Hamlet. Such conceptions stem from the announcement of Polonius that Ophelia is nothing but a green girl (204) and advises to Tender yourself more dearly (204). The phallic bait game is assured when Ophelia finally utters I shall obey, may lord. 9207). Critics like Theodor Lidz present the view that while Hamlet is neurotically attached to his mother, Ophelia has an unresolved Oedipal attachment to her father. In this scene, it is Ophelias unquestioned obedience to her father, which is in other words her subservience to the phallic order that infers her inevitable tragedy.Ophelias role as a sister and a daughter in a self-assertive male world obscure her sense of billet as Polonius and Laertes not only make her doubt her own instinctive understanding of Hamlet, but also make her fear her own self by pointing out her inexperience in resisting temptation, she is Unsifted in such perilous circumstance(204). Confused, she takes the recluse of passive obedience. And it is the precise reason why A. C.Bradley speaking for the Victorian male tradition in Shakespearean Tragedy (1904) pointed out Large number of readers feels a kind of personal irritation against Ophelia they seem unable to forgive her for not having been a heroine. The most potential aspect of the scene is the brilliant contrast between the eloquence of the male characters and the silence of the female that underlines Ophelias role of the ineffectual creature cornered in a fiery game of male power play who can only find meaning in furore in a patriarchal discourse. Hamlet The Arden Shakespeare. U. K Methuen, 2000.

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Diversion in the Criminal Justice System Essay

frolic has been known to be c all(prenominal)ed, the easy way out, or a slap on the wrist, scarce excursus entails more than an wrongdoer saying, They got an easy way out. consort to the book difference target be a type of rehabilitation, The National Academy of Sciences de handsomes it as any planned disturbance that tames an wrongdoers sinful activity (Walker 2008, pg 251). Most outlaw activity is d superstar by hatful from the ages of 14 and 24. The main goal of rehabilitation political platforms is to adulterate crime so wizr than later the book refers to it as, planned intervention course of instruction, that might include counseling, education, job training, or rough other course of instruction (Walker 2008, pg 251). Diversion is meant to help keep people out of the criminal well(p)ice placement due to the fact most of them atomic number 18 non violent offenders. It refers to people that argon not a serious threat to society, but made a wrong choice and i t is their first time offending. Using diversion, the courts hope that it will not only keep people out of the criminal justice administration, but it will help them, rehabilitate them, or try to resolve the problem. It in addition is an additional way to keep from overcrowding tuck ins, courts, and any kind of correction institution. In doing this the courts force out focus on more serious offenders. According to the text edition book, diversion is a planned intervention with a treatment component and the goal of get offenders out of the criminal justice placement as early as possible (Walker, 2008,pg.262).In diversion the offender is given a jail execration as in 11/29 if the offender does not commit any more crimes then they will be expunged from the criminal justice arrangement and then they will gather in a clean record. However, if they recommit a crime, they will feature to serve 30% of their original given jail time. For example- 30% of 11/29 in jail, wouldbe 109 days. When given diversion, the offender is usually given probation as well. With probation the offender usually has a class that he/she has to construe that is part of their rehabilitation process. According to the peer reviewed journal, Probation and Diversion Is There a Place at the Table and What Should We Serve states that, Three times as more offenders participate in probation and/or diversion programs than incarcerated. Probation and diversion programs are considered alternative punishments, and public policy has not focused on how to strengthen community corrections. current developments on targeting specific behaviors through the use of theoretical models of supervision piece of tail improve outcomes, or at least delay further offending? (Taxman, 2010). Probation is a way to stay in touch with the offender, by having them come in and have meetings with their probation officer. The reasoning for this is to keep the officer up to date with the offender and the offenders p rogress. They make sure that the offender is doing everything they are suppose to do, paying court cost, trying to find a job, not getting in any more trouble, and to just make sure the offender stays on top of their priorities. The classes and programs are meant to help the offender in many ways much(prenominal) as realizing that they made a mistake and to see how they could possibly check themselves, or whether its hanging out with a different crowd, or just saying NO Thanks.Diversion has been around for centuries. According to the text book, Diversion was one of the great reforms of the 1960s (Walker, 2008, pg.262). This statement backs up some of the memorial behind diversion. A article concludes more information about the bill of diversion, The concept of diversion of juveniles from the juvenile justice system has a long history in the scholarly literature as well as in federal juvenile justice policy. The theoretical background of diversion is based on the labeling princi ples dating back to Tannebaum (1938). The scholarly debate was further developed by the research of Becker (1963) as well as Lemert (1951). Becker (1963) argued that labeling by certain social groups in power have a detrimental effect on juveniles. The pass water of Lemert (1951) discussed the effect of secondary deviance of juveniles that were processed through the juvenile justice system and contributed to the argument that the system, instead of helping, may actually contribute to further delinquent acts ofjuveniles (Marsh, 2005).This makes complete sense why this would be thought of in the way it was. Tannebaum, Becker, and Lemert were all right in the idea that juveniles should be dismissed from the criminal justice system, to be given another chance. They also said that if juveniles were not dismissed from the criminal justice system that labeling could take affect very easily. If a juvenile is proven guilty an certain crime, that could essentially lead the individual to livi ng up to their label and lead them to commit more deviant acts. This is why they try to give them another chance and treat them with a diversion program of some sort. An additional quote from text book states that, Commission gave it strong endorsement in 1967, and in the 1970s an estimated 1,200 diversion programs were established (Walker,2008,pg.262). Given this information one could conclude that during the 1960s the criminal justice system was establishing more of a variety of ways to help people and trust them with a second chance. The text book does develop that this was not the first form of diversion, Historically, many offenders were diverted from the criminal justice system at an early age. Police officers routinely chose not to arrest someone even though there was probable cause, and prosecutors dismissed the cases when prosecution would not serve the interest of justice. We call this old diversion (Walker, 2008,pg. 262).Police officers have been practicing diversion for a long time. They trusted that the offender would not recommit once they had been caught once, considering it was their first time, or they only perpetrate a minor crime. However, the diversion that is used today is more of a modern approach. Programs are offered, that instills goals in people, and is managed by a professional staff that offers assistance and treatment. According to Taxman, These models are heavy since they help provide a meaning to the core practice of diversion/supervision programsface-to-face contacts. Moving away from generic contacts to ones that are focused on specific behavior holds promise in elevating the value and importance of probation and diversion programs in correctional policy and practice(Taxman,2010). This is how program and treatment are today. The professional workers are more involved and tuned in to their clients problems. All of this is to try to keep people out of the criminal justicesystem. The more people that are kept out of the system, the better off the system will be. Diversion puts that fear into someone, because they know if they mess up again then they have to serve 30% of their jail time. Diversion is meant to act not only as a second chance, but also a preventive to not commit future crimes.Has diversion been proven to help people? Everyone is different and diversion helps some people and for others it does not work. For the people it does not work out for, are usually trying to ride out the system, getting in trouble, getting longer probation sentences, according to a academic journal, Developing recuperative practice contemporary lessons from an English juvenile diversion project of the 1980s. states that, . As a result, the projects quickly became skilled in negotiating solutions in the interests of, and according to the wishes of those affected, while also enabling young people to acknowledge their own responsibilities and to take action accordingly. These successes have not been built upon effective ly (Smith,425-438,2011). In this sense diversion has not been successful the people that were involved in this research had not taken diversion seriously and had been irresponsible for the actions they had taken. On the other hand, some people do take it seriously and it has been proven successful. Diversion can be tough, according to an article concerning diversion programs, Marylands diversion program for alcohol-impaired number one woods (i.e., PBJ) allows a driver to plead guilty or nolo contendere, or to be found guilty in a criminal proceeding but have judgment stayed unfinished completion of a probationary period. Conditions of probation may include participation in treatment, an alcohol education program, selfhelp groups (e.g., Alcoholics Anonymous), and/or the ignitioninterlock license restriction program. Drivers who spite the terms of probation (including having another alcohol-related offense) may have the original charge reinstated and be further prosecuted for viola ting probation (Ahlin).This is an example of a diversion program, it explained the proceeding s and the conditions that went along with the program and what would happen if theoffender failed to participate successfully. It also explained that in doing the following treatments that go along with the program are considered self help groups, like Alcoholics Anonymous and this can be a way to help someone while they are under probation and eventually help them be expunged out of the criminal justice system in the near future. Diversion programs are initially a way to help individuals make better choices in the future, and to have hope in the offender that he/she detected their lesson the first time. Another time of diversion program is called Adolescent Diversion Program (ADP). This program is based on juveniles. This particular program is to help juveniles be more involved and it emphasizes on community service work. The article states, a community centered paradigm where students ar e taught to work with communities to better realize contexts surrounding a social problem, as opposed to merely volunteering to provide a service to a community.The Adolescent Diversion Project (ADP), which has been direct for over 30 years, demonstrates critical community service through the type of relationship built between students and the local community (American Journal of Community Psychology, 2010). This program focuses on young adults and to try to steer them away from crime by having them do community service work and be more involved. An article inquires that, funny juvenile offenders from the traditional juvenile justice system has been influenced by various theories but most prominently, labeling theory and differential association theory. Differential association theorys basic premise is that through association with deviant groups, individuals are more likely to become deviant themselves. Juveniles incarcerated with other juvenile offenders will interact and are more likely to join deviant groups (Marsh 2005). This is a good reason why the ADP program deals and focuses on juveniles. If more attention is remunerative to young adults and they are stopped right when they get in trouble it could be a factor in reducing crime, because if they are stopped and rectify while they are young, they will not commit when they get older, or possibly age out of it.People debate whether diversion and diversion programs work, in the sense of reducing further crime and deterring people from recommitting according to an article, Scholars have examined which types of sanctions are more likely to reduce recidivism and have found that punitive approaches such as conviction or jail do not of importly deter future incidents of DWI(Taxman & Piquero, 1998 Wheeler & Hissong, 1988 Yu, 2000) (Alhin). In this quote it explains that jail time, or convictions do not always work as a deterrent for the offender when he/she gets out of jail. Due to this, they will have to use other significant deterrent applications, or at least try them. They could use probation as a deterrent instead of putting everyone in jail. Putting everyone in jail causes a big overcrowding issue and some people they put in jail are not huge criminals, they may have just committed a minor crime.However, by putting them in jail they could learn how to be a criminal and when they get out, they could potentially commit crime. The article extends to explain how the deterrence theory could work in this situation, Consistent with deterrence theory (Beccaria, 1764/1963), swift license sanctions such as suspension and revocation have been shown to reduce DWI recidivism (Ross, 1991 Yu, 1994 but see Yu, 2000), and less punitive, treatment-based sanctions can also reduce recidivism among drivers with an alcohol disorder (Taxman & Piquero, 1998) (Alhin). This quote states that by use the deterrence theory, revocation has been proven to reduce DWI recidivism. It also says by using more t reatment based corrections could help the offenders not recommit drink and driving. If the offenders can receive help with drinking intensively, or get help with drinking and driving, this could keep people out of jail and also save lives by not having people out on the road drinking and driving.Diversion has been around for a very long time, and over the years there have been many studies, researches, and experiments done to try and understand what the most effective way to make diversion programs work. There have been several people that have conducted studies to see what they could encounter on the subject of diversion. unrivaled group an author states was, Kammer and Minor (1997) evaluated a program that intervened in cases of juveniles ages 11 to 18 years charged with status or low-level delinquent offenses and no prior record. The program was 16 months long and only handled 12 offenders at a time. Of the 86.2% (N = 81) who graduated, 67% were rearrested during the evaluation follow-up. Of the juveniles originally arrested for status offenses, those that recidivated were charged with delinquent acts (Marsh 2005).This statistics are just from one study, but over half of the offenders were rearrested, so this complies that their study on diversion programs were not successful enduring that when juvenile offenders receive diversion, in their study over half were arrested again. However, an academic article states Although much research has been conducted to test diversion methods, few have taken advantage of true line of business observational conditions (Campbell, 1969 Severy & Whitaker, 1982). Unfortunately, utilizing true experimental designs in the juvenile justice setting can have serious political implications (Severy & Whitaker, 1982). Yet the absence of a hold back group design prevents testing from a service line. The methodology of the current project allowed the comparison of the groups to each other and the comparison of the different treatm ent interventions to a baseline control group (Marsh 2005). In the quote it explains that when research is not done in the field, using experiments with offenders could lead to trouble when it comes to trying to understand diversion and its effectiveness. This is an important part of research, because one is learning through the actual offenders and studying their ways of doing things. In addition the author states, One of the most significant issues raised by diversion was the net-widening effect of this type of program.In an evaluation of 11 California diversion projects, Bohnstedt (1978) found that one half of the 3,871 clients served would not have been processed by the system if court diversion programs were available (Marsh 2005). Another study conducted encountered juveniles and the use of tobacco. The juveniles that were caught using tobacco were given preferences of different punishments, Juveniles cited for use of tobacco were given the option of going to court, paying a fine, or attending a single 2-hour diversion course that discussed the harms of tobacco use (Marsh 2005). Most of the juveniles chose to pay the fine instead of attending the class. The article intended that this study the juveniles that attended the class and the juveniles that paid the money had no change in behavior, or attitude. However, the juveniles that paid the fine, they were proven to have lower tobacco usage. With having this knowledge, one now would know that using the right kind of treatment is very help when doing research in diversion based programs, because if something is off, or missing it could through the whole experiment off. Another issue that was brought up is having diversion everywhere in the United States, because the overcrowdingin jails is one of the biggest, money rackets U.S. citizens and the government deal with. If diversion programs were offered everywhere then it could possibly cut down on the incarceration rates in the United States,Treating younk er in the community diversion is seen as a way to reduce further involvement with the juvenile justice system. The idea has been particularly intriguing because of its added realise of relieving an overburdened judicial system (Whitaker, Severy, & Morton, 1984, pp. 175-176) (Marsh 2005). If diversion was used more often and courts were able to keep more people out of jail by using diversion programs, it would cut down on the tax payers that pay for people to stay in jail and possibly help the people get rehabilitated. Diversion is a good idea for first time offenders and helps them steer clear of trouble, if they actually follow the rules and do not recommit any offenses. Diversion programs have been proven to help people, but it has also been proven to not show any difference in the offenders actions. I believe that senescent out of crime has a lot to do with juvenile offenders and even adult offenders. However, it is a personal choice whether, or not they choose to learn their l esson by completing diversion programs and move forward with their lives.ReferencesAhlin, E. M., Zador, P. L., Rauch, W. J., Howard, J. M., & Duncan, G. D. (2011). First-time DWI offenders are at risk of recidivating regardless of sanctions imposed. Journal of Criminal Justice, 39(2), 137. Patrick, S., & Marsh, R. (2005). Juvenile diversion Results of a 3-year experimental study. Criminal Justice Policy Review, 16(1), 59-73. Smith, Roger. Contemporary Justice Review, Dec2011, Vol. 14 Issue 4, p425-438, 14p Abstract Taxman, Faye S.. Victims & Offenders, Jul-Sep2010, Vol. 5 Issue 3, p233-239, 7p Abstract Walker, Samuel. 2011. Sense and Nonsense about Crime, Drugs, and Communities. Wadsworth Cengage Learning. seventh Edition. 251-263.

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Should Kids Books be Banned

Banning guards engluts young childrens minds from real world information. By limiting their range of reading, their knowledge is lowered to a steady lull of comforting information. When they are pushed into situations relating to these topics, they are at a disadvantage. The clique of the sabotage Bear is a perfect example of this situation. The Clan of the Cave Bear has really useful information on early human life. The Clan of the Cave Bear is round a young early homosapien named Ayla. Ayla got separated from her home when she was young. The time setting is prehistoric Europe.She is found by a assemblage of traveling Neanderthals. These Neanderthals talk using hand signals and few sounds. The leader of the group in named Brun, he has two siblings, Creb The Mog-er (or spiritual magician), and Iza the medicine women. Brun also has a son named Broud. Alya quickly learns to speak. Creb decides her totem is the cave lion, which is rare for a woman. As time goes by Alya teaches h er self how to hunt, which is forbidden by the Clan women. The clan goes to hunt mammoth and Alya is forced to use her weapon to protect a child of the clan. Because of this Alya is given the wipeout curse for angiotensin converting enzyme month.She returns and is welcomed back into the clan. Broud hates Alya and rapes her. The clan does not have any connection with intercourse and birth. Ayla gives birth but her baby is a mix of Neanderthals and man sapiens. Her babys name is Durc. The clan goes to a gathering of ten clans of Neanderthals. When they return her mother Iza is sick and dies. in that location is an earthquake that destroys the clans cave, cleanup position Creb. Since Broud is now leader he blames the earthquake on Alya and banishes her. Jean M. Auel is an inspiring author who researches thoroughly. Jean M. Auel grew up in Chicago.She was the second of five children. She later go to Oregon with her husband Ray Auel. While working she raised she five children. Also at this time she earned an M. B. A. from the University of Portland. In 1980 her first book was published, The Clan of the Cave Bear. In 1982 The Valley of Horses followed. In 1985 her third novel The Mammoth Hunters was the first hardcover novel with a first printing of more than one million copies. Her next book, The Plains of Passage was published in 1990. In 2002, her fifth novel, The Shelters of Stone, debuted at 1 on bestseller lists in 16 countries.Her last book so far, The Land of Painted Caves was published in March 2011. One of Auels greatest prizes is the French governments Ministry of Culture Officer in the Order of Arts and earn medal. (About Jean Auel. ) All of her books were illegalize or challenge. Including The Clan of the Cave Bear. Auels response was that she writes for adults. (Clan Of The Cave Bear criminalise From A Library. ) The first effort was in 1993, when Tom Baldwin, a Moorpark school board member, fought to take Auel off the recommended reading li st. (Auel). The Clan of the Cave Bear. 3) He argued that it had explicit sexual content. (Maiella younger , James. ) His reasoning was looked over by a group of seven board members. His challenge was later denied. (Sova) The processes to challenge and ban a book are very different. 0. To challenge a book is to restrict the reading of that book. One must have a reason for challenging a book. many an(prenominal) challenged or banned books are accused of having It is considered sexually explicit, used offensive language, and was unsuited to any age group. Challenging a book is stronger than just stating their opinion. For the most part, books that are challenged do not end up being banned.Books take much longer to be banned. There are usually are several cases of challenging of the book before it is banned. (About Banned amp Challenged Books. ) Many people when discussing censor ship include the constitution in their arguments. 0. People need to be competent to look over the details of books to find what the authors are actually trying to teach you. The Clan of the Cave Bear is a very informative and comminuted book. People can learn so much about evolution from reading it. When Brun saw a huge herd of bison, he was encouraged. They were the embodiment of his take totem (Auel, Jean M).This ingeminate shows the knowledge on early human life and their totems. The Clan of the Cave Bear is not just a story about Alya, but about early human life in general. Auel spent half of her time researching early humans. The other half was writing the actual books. If a child went through high school without any knowledge of evolution and early behavior of humans, they would be lacking a huge area of knowledge. Many people believe that banning is supported by the constitution, but others disagree. 0. One quote made by Sir Winston Churchill is Every one is in favor of disembarrass speech.Hardly a day passes without it being extolled, but some peoples idea of it is that they are free to say what they like, but if anyone says anything back it is a outrage. (Doyle, Robert P. Banned Books Challenging) In this quote he is saying that people think they are right and they do not want anyone arguing with them. This quote can be related to the banning of books. The people who ban books defend themselves by saying that it is supported by the constitution. However, when others show them quotes from the first amendment they are defensive. When people ban books they block the level of potential of the children who could have read it. . A Supreme Court case involving censorship was the Right to Read Defense charge v. School Committee of the City of Chelsea case. In this case The Chelsea, Mass. School Committee decided to bar from the high school library a poetry anthology (Notable) The poem was phallic and Female under 18. They claimed that it was an offensive and damaging poem. The poem was challenged in U. S. District Court. Joseph L. Tauro ruled 0. The libra ry is a mighty resource in the marketplace of ideas. There a student can literally explore the unknown, and discover areas of interest and thought not covered by the prescribed curriculum.The student who discovers the magic of the library is on the way to a life-long experience of self-education and enrichment. That student learns that a library is a place to test or expand upon ideas presented to him, in or out of the classroom. The most effective antidote to the poison of mindless orthodoxy is ready access to a broad sweep of ideas and philosophies. There is no danger from such(prenominal) exposure. The danger is mind control. The committees ban of the anthology Male and Femaleis enjoined. (Notable First Amendment Court Cases. ) If people ban books their minds can be altered to a put on reality.They can have a different and crippled knowledge of the world. When put with the people who were not censored they have a strong difference in information. A quote expressing exactly thi s is Students in any high school in which there kinds of books are banned will likely graduate with half-size or no experience with contemporary fiction and unprepared for college-level study (Bertin, Joan). What Bertin is saying is that the censored children will be unprepared for real world activities. His quote is a perfect for discussing the banning and censorship of the children

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Prime Candidates of Vigilantism

solely law stems from one source of dictate. In a cartridge holder of anarchy and chaos a humanness brought for from a mountain top two stone tablets from which all law branches. Those two tablets, the Ten Commandments, were to be the seeds of lawful civilization. Those seeds nonplus since become the roots of modern humanity. A prime example of this is the United States government. The idiom In God we trust is imprinted on every piece of legal tender and on well-nigh documentation. The purpose of law and government is to protect the people, but the fact that punishment need be compel solo illustrates the fact that it does not protect. penalisation is imposed that after harmful actions against society be possessed of been carried out. In order for punishment and legal intervention to be applied in that location first essential be a crime or an action that is the governments responsibility to prevent from victorious intrust. When law is applied the government has already failed to protect the individual punishment will do cypher to help the victim after they have been victimized. Law does not, in truth, prevent such behavior it only deals with it once it has occurred.Law does nothing to prevent socially harmful behavior, it therefore does not protect in accordance with the tenets set forth in the theory of the Social Contract. Why then, in such a modern civilization, do we have vigilantes? The answer is simple. The fact is that although humanity has advanced, law has failed to keep up. The prime candidates for vigilantism ar those who abide by the law. They acknowledge the existence of the law and respect it. They expect that if one day they argon the victim of a crime the offender will quickly go through trial and be punished.The truth is that that is rargonly the case. It can take months for an offender to even go to trial. The U. S. criminal justice system, as yet the best in the world, is not nearly efficient enough to properly handle the w orkload determined upon it. Still the situation comes up that even in a clear-cut case with hard separate and witnesses, law enforcement will fail to properly pass down punishment to those who commit a crime. This is the time when people take the law into their own hands.Impatience and frustration drives and individual to do what he or she believes what the government has failed to do. It can happen to anyone. But can crime be prevented in the first place? The law often frustrates teenagers and adults alike. The major difference between these two groups is experience. Teenagers are ordinarily more presumable to go out and punish those who violate them or their friends. An example of a teen vigilante is when a teen goes out to defend his/her name in order to prevent slander. This is seen very often.Unfortunately, these teens have either not been educated or have exhausted all legal means in order to halt the crime (slander). Adults are often confronted with the same situation bu t by having experienced this before, they are more prepared to take action against this. But in adults we often see something not usually seen in teens, the involvement of alcohol. Alcohol clouds judgment and increases violent tendencies. Although teens do consume alcohol, they cannot obtain it legally. Because of the age difference, punishment should not be the same for both adults and teens.Although there are some difference, for some reasons adults seem to have more choices in terms of education and correction. In adult prisons, inmates can appear GED classes and earn degrees. Teens except do not have that same option. Instead, they have clean-up punishments such as Saturday detention at the lofty school. What should be done is Saturday corrective classes. Instead of cleaning the school, clean their minds. This is where education comes in. In order to eat up criminal behavior, we first must rehabilitate and educate those who are at high risk to or have already committed a cri me.In most forms of punishment, such as seen at the Douglas insipid Corrections office, there is actually no correction. Lawn maintenance does in no way educate the offenders. Punishment does not promote understanding not does it allow analysis. Education, unlike punishment, is not a restriction, but a guide. Education is a positive behavioral influence that promotes freedom and instills morality. With education comes understanding. Without those two key elements there cannot be the wisdom necessary for correction.Regarding the disciplinary action taken on juvenile offenders, some of which I have seen working outside during school hours, should not be out there. Instead, they should be forced to attend school. Whether it is high school or a form of military school, they need education. Becoming a vigilante is almost never a result of free choice of an individual. Rather, it is forced upon one by woeful or slow action on part of law enforcement. If we as society ever consent to li ve in peace and prosperity as guaranteed to us by the constitution, we need to not only enforce the laws, but preach the law.

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DSTV Consumer Behaviour

dust aims to give So Much More to their clients and they do this with the creation of an effective racketing strategy. They ass people who demand a high level of entertainment with a variety of program bearings such as Movies, Music, News, Comedy, Documentaries etc, for the entertainment of their clients thus creating and delivering value to the customer. The customer may choose what they penury to watch whenever they motive to watch It, whether at home or on the move with various Innovations such as the decoder at home and the Walk which may be used on the move.With all the innovations they have throw in up with and made money off, frame still aims to better he environment they work in whether it is improving the lives of people through charity organizations or CSS. patter has created employment for people of Africa and opportunities for Africans such as the Face of Africa competition, New Directions Initiative and the creation of Channel O which accentes on the musical talents of any(prenominal) of Africans crush musicians. body has also created multiple initiatives focused on improving the lives of people living in South Africa such as giving access to water to people without and making green houses for the people of South Africa. DUST rated and Installed the playful system In multiple schools throughout South Africa. This system combines the energy of children who would play on a Roundabout Playful which would produce water as they play, this water Is then used by the children for drinking purposes and it is used to water the food gardens areas to create a green environment.DUST has already provided over 5000 trees for low-pitched income households and community areas in the country. (anon B) Market Analysis Customers Users Demographic core LSI 8 10 Gender 50% Male 50% Female Age 6 18 Years Selectors Demographics ore LSI 8- 10 Age 20 35 years Payers Demographics Age 25-arrears Organizations Capabilities Strengths DUST offers over 90 tak e and 78 Audio Channels Innovative They have introduced busy TV I. E.Drifts, Drifts USB, Walk, Drifts (Lisles Notes) DUST is technically Advanced South Africans Leading major planet Pay Television Brand (Lisles Notes) Weaknesses DUST offers too many options in its Premium Bouquet DUST Premium is expensive and the cheaper DUST compact offers little entertainment Dusts is difficult to navigate and troubleshooting problems such as loss of signal uh to mechanical failure are difficult to fix Opportunities A acquireing Mobile Entertainment market The online media streaming trends Technological advancement e. . HAD Television, Smartened APS that allow you to stream media, AD TV. Threats People sack back to traditional entertainment e. G. Children choosing to play outside instead of watching TV Piracy e. G. vile pictorial matters being sold at traffic lights being substituted for DUST Box Office Competitors e. G. Estimates which has over 7 million Current Competitors Cinema e. G. S teer-Senior, Memento etc. TOP Walking on Water On Digital MediaE-sat Talked Media Future Competitors Nettling Provider of on demand online streaming media Numb Television They aim to offer 150 Channels HAD Channels Catch-up/On Demand Service Youth Stream videos online TVs being capable to connect to internet meaning consumers can stream videos online The Environment Economic Forces Petrol price subjoin means some items depart become more expensive which may force some to write up back on luxuries e. G.Changing from DUST Premium to Compact in order to save money Technological Forces Introduction of Smartest which may connect to the internet Smartness becoming trend in South Africa, DUST Mobile customers may increment. Legal Forces Laws that allow/disallow the broadcasting of certain events e. G. Oscar Posteriors Trial may increase DUST viewers Environmental Forces Weather patterns changing, more rain means DUST signal will be affected, which affects the per recoilance of the netw ork. Segmentation DUST operates in the Satellite TV Market. They have chosen to focus on mainly the entertainment and education segments of that market (Anon C).This market is one that provides consumers with amusement in the form of Game Shows, Sport, Music, Movies etc, as well as insight and knowledge in the form of Documentaries, News and knowledge Programs. The best way to segment the DUST market would be to place a group of single(a)s who office a similar set of needs and want together and provide them with programming that would best converge those needs. (Moray Roberts L. ) This segment would be targeted at children below the age of 10 years. These children are part of the core LSI (LSI 6 8).Theres no cultural, racial limitation to the group and the programs featured in this Segment would include channels such s Cartoon Network, Disney and Nickelodeon for Entertainment purposes as well as channels such as the Learning Channel for Educational purposes. I choose to segment in this manner because this would allow DUST to effectively target children more and provide higher quality religious services to the parents and the children watching the shows which would best capable Dusts slogan So Much More. DUST premium This segment is targeted at adult Males and Females between the ages of 40 50 years.This individual is at the prime of their life and needs a high level of service and value for money. This individual is part of LSI 8- 10 and has a high ranking position in their workplace. This individual gets to enjoy all of Dusts offerings exclusively at any time of day. These individuals may watch DUST on their own or with their family/friends. DUST compact This segment is targeted at young adult males and females between the ages of 20 25 years. These young individuals are students and cannot afford to pay Premium prices but would like to enjoy some of Dusts offerings.This segment focuses purely on entertainment e. G. Reality shows, game shows, music and series. They get to watch their darling shows in their apartments/flats or on their smartness. These individuals are part of LSI 7 9 and are generally into verbalise about celebrities and the latest gossip. DUST Cinema This segment is targeted at adult Males and Females between the ages of 30 40 years. These individuals love watching the latest movies and with the price of cinema tickets increasing they would benefit greatly from an affordable movie ticket in the comfort of their own home or while on the move.These individual are social and can e found in restaurants with their family or friends but would prefer to watch movies at home where there are less people and more comfort. Conclusion DUST has been able to grow its market over the years by creating effective marketing strategies that satisfy the consumers needs. This has increased the amount of fast(a) customers they have and through thorough understanding of their customers behavior they may continue to make the righ t decisions when it comes to what their customers want and need as well as what they offer. References Bridal Paramus S. Roberts-Lombard M, 2012, Consumer Behavior, 2nd Edition, Marketing, 12th edition, Pearson Education Inc, 10 February 2014 Anon A, http// unbranded . Co. AZ/news/broadcasting/81013-dust- more-subscribers- more- money. HTML, 15 February 2014 Anon B, http//www. melancholy. Co. AZ/Melancholic/ view/Melancholic/en/page 24238, 17 February 201 5 Anon C, http// www. Superabundant. Com/AZ/index. PH? 17 February 2014 Anon D, HTTPS// www. BC. swell/?Joneses/overhead. HTML, 23 February 2014 Gill Model, 2013, http// grubstake. Co. AZ/2013/05/09/did-top-TV-ever-stand-a-chaw once-Ana lays is-of-dusts- strengths-weaknesses, 24 February 2014

Cultural Competency of Nursing Essay

As nurses, we not only assume to understand cultural competence, but we also drop to be sure not to generalize groups of sight. Each client is an individual, and it is of the essence(predicate) to form a curative relationship so we can fright for each specific client. Each client has his/her own postulate just because two people are of the very(prenominal) culture, it doesnt mean that he/she believes in the same thing. In turn, nurses deprivation to understand their own culture and beliefs before caring for a person of a different culture or beliefs. In our research, we chose four peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles found though the Lambton College info base (CINAHL). We began with a search of cultural competency and then narrowed the search down by dint of specific cultures which are within the Sarnia Lambton area. Understanding CulturesThere are many different cultures throughout Canada nurses need to be aware of the different pr doingices and beliefs of various cu ltures. The dominant cultures we find in Sarnia-Lambton are Native American, due east Indian and Chinese. Native AmericanTraditional Native Americans place great value on family and weird beliefs. They believe that a state of health is an existence, and it is in existence when they are in complete symmetricalness with nature. They view illness as a disparity between the ill person and nature or the unearthly. Death is a journey to another world, and the spirit never dies (Plain, 2014). When bereavement the dead it is the custom not to speak about them. Communication is seen as stopping the dead from travelling to the next world (Groot Alberts, 2012, p. 160). tocopherol IndianThe Muslim culture has a strong spiritual beliefBoth life and terminal are under the control of God. When an ill Muslim diligent sees a physician, he/she only pauperization to know the diagnosis he/she does not want to know any time frames, since life is an act of. In oddment, Muslim culture is based on reducing the patients pain and suffering. Nurses need to allow time for families to pray when working with Muslim patients as they cede strong beliefs in holiness and a nurse moldiness never try to push their own beliefs on a patient (Saccomano & Abbatiello, 2014, p. 31). ChineseTraditional Chinese culture is unlike Canadian cultureTalking about death or illness is considered a taboo. They do not talk to their healthcare provider about death, because public lecture about death or illness insinuates that it is going to happen. Instead, they keep silent about it to relieve strive and give hope to the person. Generally, it is the male family member that makes decisions on behalf of the person (Saccomano & Abbatiello, 2014, p.31). Understanding the ClientNurses cannot generalize groups of people every client is an individual and has the right to be treated as one. It is important to form a good communication to build a relationship between the patient and the nurse. This enables th e patient to contribute to their care and the allows the nurse to provide the best care possible. It is extremely important to educate, involve the patient, incorporate the family and utilize traditions and beliefs, utilize effective communication and culture safety mechanisms (McCracken, 2014, p. 28). A nurse must communicate with patients about how he/she would like care performed on him/her and the nurses goal is to ensure the patient feels empowered and unique(p) (McCracken, 2014, p. 28). The patient indicates what is suitable and important for them. At times print materials or non-verbal communication may be more constructive. ConclusionCanada is a diverse, multi-cultural country and the provision of culturally competent care by nurses is important aspect of their practice. Every culture regards health differently depending on their practices and beliefs.Nurses must examine their own beliefs and prejudices as well as respect and have an awareness of other cultures. In deliver ing nursing care we must allow effective interactions and the development of appropriate responses to persons from diverse cultures, races, and ethnic backgrounds (Masteral, 2014). Todays nurses must have cultural awareness in themselves and cultural knowledge of others.ReferencesGroot-Alberts, L. (2012). The lament of a broken heart mourning and grieving in different cultures. Progress in Palliative Care, 20(3), 158-162. Retrieved from McCracken, D. (2014). breast feeding in a bicultural society. Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand, 20(1), 28-29. Retrieved from Mcgee, P., & Johnson, M. (2014). Developing cultural competence in palliative care. British Journal of Community Nursing, 19(2), 91-93. Retrieved from Saccomano, S., & Abbatiello, G. (2014). ethnic considerations at the end of life. The Nurse Practitioner. 39(2), 24-31. doi 10.1097/01.NPR.0000441908.16901.2e Zager, S., & Yancy, M. (2011). A call to improve practice concerning cultural aesthesia in advance directives A review of the literature. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing. doi 10.111/j.1741-6787.2011.00222.x Masteral, L., (2013) Multicultural Health Care Setting. Retrieved from http//

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The Glorification and Horrors of War Through the Arts

Artistes remove al flairs painted scenes of state of war from the Ancient areas of Egypt and Greece. The relief inside the Abu Simbel Temple confronting Ramses in the affair of Kadesh and of his victory over the Hittites is an subtle warning. The Athena Frieze depicting the battle of Greeks against the Persians, which are some of the earliest physical exercise of a specific historical event being, sculptured (Greek Art). To the photographs that are coming from the current war in Iraq and Afghanistan, the flagged draped coffins of the dead in the cargo hull on their way home.In the periods of fine art, before Goyas the Third of May tended to glorify war and make it bet romantic and heroic without the effects of the panel and horrors that war brings. Benjamin westerlys The finale of General Wolfe does manoeuvre the effect of war, however, he has make a martyr of General Wolfe surrounded by his officers making this film seems to be Romanizing the death (Class Lecture-The neoclassic 2 of 3). Benjamin West was an American Neoclassical painter who turned art historical localize upside down by not depicting a classical theme and utilize attire of the time (Gehmacaher).The Neoclassical period of art was a re roleplayion to the Baroque and Rococo style of art where a re upstarted interest for classical antiquity of the ancient Greek and Roman seeking the geometric harmony of the time (Kleiner 330). The Neoclassical period of art was during the Enlightenment period where critical thinking of the world and humankind spurred the ample political, social and economic changes resulted in Revolutions in France and America (Kleiner 319).Writers such as Rousseau, Voltaire, and Jefferson serve up the change the critical thinking in political, social and economic toward humankind and what was going on in the world helped inspired the french and American Revolutions (Class Lecture-The Neoclassical 1 of 3). This influenced the people to put a new light on all thinking and question the traditional ideas and ways of doing things whether it was in painting, sculpture, writing, science, politics, and nature (Smart History).The Death of General Wolfe is the final stages of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham, which takes place in Quebec, Canada, when the cut and British fought during the Seven Years War for control of Canada or as it was called then New France (Gehmacher). General Wolfe, a British officer, won the battle but lost his life in this campaign on September 13, 1759, the French surrendered Quebec flipper days later and by 1760 surrendered in Montreal later a failed attempt to regain control of the capital letter (BBC).West has distorted the events surrounding General Wolfe death to heighten the drama in this painting (Gehmacher). West does not depict General Wolfe in armor like that of ancient soldiers but he has paying close attention to the details of the uniforms and the clothes of the Indians (Stacey). To me, West has made a martyr of General Wolfe by having him surrounded by his officers and Indians with the front lines not far off. This also glorifies and romanizes war, every matchless around the dying General seem unaffected by the battle that is raging nearby.Jacques-Louis David preferred the ancient and Renaissance whole kit and caboodle, and agreed with the Enlightenment philosophical system that the subject matter should have a moral balance reflect the artwork of ancient multiplication and depicting noble events in history would civil virtues and patriotism (Kleiner 332) inspire. Davids Oath of the Horatii is an excellent example of the Enlightenment philosophy and of Neoclassical style. David became the painter of French Revolution and was on the board that voted to behead the superpower he also became the official painter for Napoleon (Zucker).Oath of the Horatii is keeping with the neoclassical style, by the David has use masks and by classicizing contemporary subject matter (Gersh-Nes ic). David has apply diagonal hunting expeditions with heroic poses of the father and sons, and pigeonholing the women behind the focus of the painting to give this painting the classic feel, that it has (The Neoclassical 3 of 3). Oath of the Horatii is slightly three brothers swearing on oath on their swords with their father gives them, the sons swear to fight to the death for their orbit (Zucker).David has a group of women that seem in despair over the oath of the brothers, he has also bathed the women in light to show their despair. David has used the dark archways to give depth to this painting and light on the swords and weapons system of the brothers to show their bond with their father. The one thing I have noticed slightly David style of painting is that has fluidness about his work and in that respect are no brush strokes visible. Davids male figures go forth statuesque and virile like the ancient Greek and Roman soldiers he has also used loco colors to make this painting more alluring and dramatic.This painting like that of West seems to glorify the correspond of war. These painting are done in the Neoclassical style but they both have a different feel to them. Wests has the act of dying on the battlefield and has used the habit of the times and no reference to the past. David on the other hand has depicted an ancient Roman scene. To me this is the pop off art period that depicts war as heroic and glorifies it. The amorouss were about getting back to nature and the commonalty people to evoke individualism, subjectivism, imagination and emotions (Romanticism).The Romantics were the first group of artists to turn away from the academic style of the Neoclassical, this movement started in the late 18th century and early 19th century because of the Napoleonic wars (Romanticism). The transition from Neoclassicism was a shift from reason to feeling and uses the social and political climate to draw their inspiration (Kleiner 340). Goya, a Spa nish Romantic artist, Third of May is an example of the radical shifts from the Neoclassicism.Here Goya has used light and dark to vehemence the scene that is unfolding before us. The Spanish King, Charles IV, asked Napoleon to help Spain defend them against Great Britain, Napoleon adage this as a weakness and took control of Spain by putting his brother in control of Spain (Zucker). The Spanish who first liked the idea of the French getting rid of the British, the Spanish people soon cognize the French as invaders and on the 2nd of May, the Spanish attacked Napoleons men in a violent clash (Kleiner 341).Napoleons men then responded by executing some(prenominal) Spanish citizens, Goya is painting that massacre. The Third of May is the result and Goya has done an excellent job here is showing the ill-advised act by the French soldiers. Goya has used the light on the man in the front with his blazonry outreached about to be executed to draw your attention to the brutal act of the soldiers and to evoke empathy to common man. Goya has the French soldiers back to the spectator pump so they cannot see their face to show the injustice unfolding.He has used the muckle or hill in the background to show the people as trapped and no way to get away from the soldiers and dead bodies around to show how helpless these people are (Zucker). Goya has used several things to draw attention to what is going on in this painting, the rifles pointing at the man in the white dress on his knees, the blood in on the ground in front of him, the lantern to shed light on the man about to be shot and his face that shows no fear.All of this helps show the ruthlessness of the French soldiers. He has also used earth tones in this painting with strong brushstrokes and used shadows that show the Romantic styles break from the Neoclassical style. While I find this painting, somewhat disturbing Goya has used his coloring, shadowing, and lines to draw to viewer into this painting and feel the helplessness of the Spanish people and Goya has made a martyr of the man about to be shot. realness was a moment the developed out of the Industrial Revolution when artist in France rejected the fantastic and focused on the reality of the world and painted the everyday life (Photography and Realism 4 of 6). Painters like Gustave Courbet and Jean-Francois Millet painted wonderful scenes of the everyday peasant life in The Stone ledgeman and The Gleaners but it was during this time that picture taking came into the world and could capture life and preserve that moment forever.Timothy OSullivans photography A Harvest of Death, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania shows the true horrors of war this was taken after one of the worst battles during the American Civil War. The Civil War was due to the Industrial Revolution effects of the northerly states becoming more industrial than the south that was still an agricultural society that was using slaves for the work. In this photograph, there is a fog over the battlefield in the distance you can see men on horses, as you look closer at the dead soldiers you can see that the Confederate soldiers lieu have been removed.The shoes of the dead were removed for use of surviving soldiers who needed them and it did not stop at the shoes for once again the Confederate soldiers pockets have been gone through for their pockets appear turned out (Cornell University). This photography shows the true reality of the horrors of war in the awful details this photography has taken. Photographs of other wars also show the horrible reality of war, and the power of the picture speaks for the horrors of war. The photos of the oncentrations camps after World War II are excellent examples of mans inhumanity to man, and I will not describe any of these here because to are too horrific to look at. The photograph of the flag being raised on Iwo Jima shows 6 men raising an American flag after a battle for the island. This picture is showing a simple act of raising the flag to show their support for their country. While this photo does not show the horrors of war, it shows that despite the battle that fought and the loss of life there can be a simple act that defines us.Then there is the photograph of the aftermath of a napalm attack in Vietnam taken by dent Ut, here you see Vietnamese children running through the streets screaming and one little girl has no clothes on, soldiers are behind the children and in the background you can see the smoke of the bombs. Photographer Ut say that he had seen two airplanes and each one dropped four bombs and minutes later he motto the people running away and the little girl that appears to be the focus of the image yelling for peeing because she was to hot (BBC News).The terrified face of the children screaming speaks volumes in this photo and shows how war affects everyone not just the soldiers fleck the battles. Photographs show the reality of war in unflinching view, while painters in terrupt what they see. The German Expressionists did just that after World War I. German Expressionists used disorganized outlines and angry brushstrokes to connive their message in their works and to illustrate the injustice of society that was growing during this time of global uncertainty (German Expressionism).There were several movements in the German Expressionist the first was called Der Brucke (The Bridge), Der Blaue Reiter (The Blue Rider) and Neue Sachlickeit (New Objectivity). Franz Marc was one of the fo downstairss of the Der Blaue Reiter, which got its name from Marc and Vassily Kandinskys interest in horses and the color blue (Kleiner 386). However, Marc did not paint Fate of the Animals during World War I, but while serving during the war he wrote a letter to his wife that is like a premonition of this warhorrible and shattering. I can hardly conceive that I painted it (Kleiner 388).Here Marc is showing us a quality that is being destroyed uses vivid colors and jagg ed forms to connive his message (Labedzki). I have used this painting because I think had Marc lived through World War I, he would have painted another(prenominal) form of this to show the horrors he saw during that time. He said to his wife that this was a premonition I can only image what he would have painted after the war. Wilhelm Heinrich Otto Dix, known for his work chthonic the name Otto Dix, was a German Expressionists in the Neue Sachlichkeit (New Objectivity).This movement formed after World War I by artist that severed in the German army and their experiences military influenced their art (Kleiner 400). Otto Dixs arrest was to show the world those experiences with wrenching, ruthless and harsh depictions of the war as depicted in his Shock host Advance under Gas and The Trench (Henshaw). The Trench is filled dead bodies at different stages of bunkum did cause a public outcry that the museum director show the painting was forced to resign (WWI, Otto Dix).Dix said of hi s work that life is not colorful at all. It is much darker, quieter in its tonality, much simpler. I precious to depict things as they really are (Heller). Dix depicted the war as it actually was and drew great criticism for his works with the war as the subject. Dixs medium for Shock Troops Advance under Gas was an etching, portraying the soldiers need to wear gas masks due to the invention of mustard gas used in World War I. Once again showing mans inhumanity to man. This reminds me of munchs Scream.

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History of Colombia

History of Colombia Colombia was live by indigenous societies during what was known as the pre-Columbian period ( background knowledge Note Colombia, 2012). These indigenous societies consisted of hunters and rambling farmers, as well as the Chibchas (Background Note Colombia, 2012). The Chibchas are known to be one of the around developed indigenous groups in all of South America (Background Note Colombia, 2012). Santa Marta was founded in 1525, which was the first of all permanent Spanish settlement (Background Note Colombia, 2012).Santa Fe de Bogota was founded in 1538, and in 1717 it became the nifty of the Viceroyalty of New Granada (Background Note Colombia, 2012). The capital of New Granada is what is now Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama (Background Note Colombia, 2012). In 1808 Napoleon made his brother the new king of Spain and people in the Spanish colonies were not joyous with it (Lambert, 2011). Citizens of Bogota created the first representative council aga inst Spanish authority on July 20, 1810 (Background Note Colombia, 2012). In 1813 they got perform independence from Spain (Background Note Colombia, 2012).In 1819 Simon Bolivar defeated the Spanish in the war of Boyaca (Lambert, 2011). In 1819 the Republic of greater Colombia was created and it included everything of the previous Viceroyalty of New Granada (Background Note Colombia, 2012). Simon Bolivar was the first president and Francisco de Paula Santander was elected as vice president (Background Note Colombia, 2012). The creation of the two main political parties, wanton and Conservative, were led by conflicts going on between the followers of Bolivar and Santander (Background Note Colombia, 2012).Bolivars supporters formed the Conservative Party, and Santanders followers created the Liberal party (Background Note Colombia, 2012). Colombias history is known to be filled with violent conflict (Background Note Colombia, 2012). Two civil wars were the cause of rivalry between the Conservative and Liberal parties The War of a Thousand Days which took place from 1899 to 1903 and killed about 100,000 people, and La Violencia (the Violence) which took place from 1946 to 1957 and caused about 300,000 deaths (Background Note Colombia, 2012).From the mid-sixties to 1980s the guerillas and cocaine production in Colombia started to increase (Lambert, 2011). The drug trade also caused a hoi polloi of violence (Lambert, 2011). However, at the start of the 21st century the situation in Colombia had improved after(prenominal) pang a great depression in the 1980s (Lambert, 2011). Violence in Colombia also decreased after 2002 (Lambert, 2011). Works Cited Lambert, Tim. Brief History of Colombia. Local Histories. 2011. Web. 18 Apr 2012. United States. U. S. Department of State. Background Note Colombia. 2012. Web. http//www. state. gov/r/pa/ei/bgn/35754. htm.

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Movie review of inherit the Wind Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Movie study of inherit the Wind - Essay ExampleScopes Monkey Trial (one of the most famous tests in American legal hi narrative), which happened in 1925, in order to explore the then current controversy the McCarthy trials. However, although the movie base a large portion of its scenes from the actual trial transcript, it is still a composite depiction of the Scopes trial. Kramer added some(prenominal) elements to the original tale, adding a love interest here, a fiery character there all for the pastime of embellishments and dramatization of the film and the messages it wanted to convey.The movie explored the subject of individual freethinking and how it was put on trial when a high school biology teacher was charged of illegally teaching Darwinism. The film attacked religious fanaticism and sided with Darwinism, including the ideas that it represented during the time.Three of the points in the film that proved pivotal in the progression of the story and the successful delive ry of the message the director wanted to convey include 1) the many scenes added to open fall out the courtroom-bound drama such as the separate depiction of the arrivals of the lawyers, establishing the characterization immediately 2) the climactic scene between the two lawyers wherein Brady forced Drummond to admit that the Bible could be interpreted in a nonliteral fashion, allowing the billet that evolution could be consistent with the biblical account of creation 3) the religious hymns and folk songs used in the film in an apparent effort to counteract negative criticisms of fundamentalists that the film was anti-Christ. The second point in the film mentioned previously, underscored the role of the two lawyers, Darrow and Bryan, in outlining, explaining and resolving the problem posited by the film.One aspect in the movie that I found unappealing was the extreme stereotyping committed by the movie. For example, Bryan was portrayed as an ignorant, a bigot, and religious fundam entalist. The man was indeed a fundamentalist but that